The Elephant Cafe in Livingstone, Zambia πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡²

img_1707The morning started with my brother and I not feeling that great and thinking about canceling our reservation at the Cafe. We were super excited to see elephants and interact with them however, the money didn’t seem worth it because we didn’t know if our stomachs could handle the 5 course meal which makes this experience much more expensive. But we chugged some water and decided to go.

Omg thank goodness we did. We hopped aboard a 5 person motor boat looking dorky as ever in our bright blue life jackets, fanny packs, and cameras. Just the start of this adventure was fabulous, we cruised along the Zambian River keeping our eyes peeled for crocodiles and hippos. Sure enough our driver knew what to look for, because before we knew it he was speeding over to the river bank pointing something out. My brother and I sat clueless to what he was seeing.. but then we saw it. A crocodile just sun bathing on the bank. Our driver got a little close for comfort but when it started to open it’s mouth in response to us it was so incredible (scary)! Haha.

The river boat ride continued on for about 25 minutes until we reached the Elephant Cafe. Immediately we saw the elephants and the beautiful little 5 star restaurant on a platform over the water. We were greeted my the kindest staff, spend an hour playing and feeding elephants. The elephants were incredible. Mind you, these are domesticated elephants, not wild. They were found as babies or at a young age alone on the island across the river from the restaurant. They had no marks of abuse and in my opinion seemed to be taken very well care of and loved. As well as having miles of spaces. (Sorry for the rant, I am an animal lover and after visiting tiger kingdom in Thailand, I will never forgive myself for ever going there in the first place, animals were poorly taken care of and drugged just to make money, not okay, I have a lot more knowledge and do a lot more research now before going to animal interactions.) Long story short, it was amazing to interact with these beautiful creatures! The staff was also incredibly knowledgable about each individual elephant.

Then.. the part we were a little worried about because our stomachs hadn’t quiet adjusted to African food yet, the 5 star 4 course meal. All local food nothing imported, one of the best meals I’ve ever had! On top of the amazing food, the service and atmosphere was phenomenal. A little tip, if you are going in “off season” you might have the place to yourself! My brother and I were literally the only two at the whole restaurant! The max capacity is 24 per night, though we never thought we would have it to ourselves. We felt like a king and queen. Amazing experience! 10/10 recommend The Elephant Cafe in you are traveling to Livingstone, Zambia

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