Copenhagen, Denmark & Roskilde Music Festival

Denmark is an amazing country! One of the countries I would love to live in one day. I only was in Copenhagen for 4 days, and unfortunately I dislocated my knee on the second day, so I was not able to see as much as I had hoped. However, hurting my knee showed me how amazing Danish people are and how kind and helpful they were!

Copenhagen was the middle of my brother and I’s two month trip through Europe, and it was the first location we went alone without my other friends. Though we ended up meeting my brothers friends for the Roskilde Festival. The first day we explore downtown Copenhagen and the beautiful colorful houses on the water. We also explored Freetown Christiania. It is a little society within Copenhagen that is has its “own laws” in a way. Super hippy. Unfortunately we did not get to go to Trovoli Gardens though we walked past it a few times. I will definitely be making a trip back and hope to visit the amusement park! It is home to the oldest roller coster!