First Blog Post?

What does someone write in a first blog post? Because I have no idea! I have never really read anyone’s blog before, so I am not too sure how this whole “blogging” thing works. All I know is that I love to travel and that I love to keep track of memories through writing them down and taking pictures. So, I figured I would put it all in one place. That is what has brought me here, to be one of the millions of people writing blogs each and every day. And just to be a little more original and basic I am writing a “Travel Blog”.

Anyways, I made this website basically for myself as a “diary” of some sort for all my travel experiences! I have been super lucky to have traveled around a lot of the world thus far, but I only plan to extend the list of places I have visited even farther. While I embark on this journey we call life, I may not always have the time or the money to travel as frequently as I wish, though my goal is to do a trip a year!

Join me on my travels as I post along the way. I will also be posting some throwback passages from my time in other countries previous to 2018. Well, I guess I am a “blogger” now, wish me luck. Next stop: Africa March 2018!

Any questions about my personal travels, itineraries, cost of trips, places I stayed, bar crawls, etc., please feel free to ask! I keep all my information in great detail! Check my “destinations” page for countries I have travelled to.

Side note: I do not have any sort of degree in writing or grammar, and anyone who knows me well, knows I am the worst speller. So, remember this isn’t the 5th grade spelling bee, and you will find many grammar and spelling mistakes through out this entire site!

Contact: Message me on Instagram. Or text me if you know me personally!

Instagram: @ TravelAddictAFemaleTraveler