Berlin, Germany

Stayed at “Circus Hostel”, AMAZING! One of the best hostels we’ve ever stayed at. Great location, cheap, super clean, and they have their own brewery/bar that is super fun and a great way to meet people! We rented bikes one day and that was a great way to explore the city and to go around the Berlin Wall! Spend the 10$ to go inside the Berlin Cathedral and make sure you walk all the way to the top!! The stairs are brutal but worth the view at the top! Lots of history and museums here, very easy to find the best ones to go through, just ask the hostel or hotel you are staying at! If you are interested in going to a holocaust contrintratipon camp, we went to one right outside of Berlin and it was definitely something I suggest doing. After learning so much about World War 2 in school my entire life, to actually set foot in places that Hitler stepped foot and to see the actual damage done was something you can’t express. We went to “Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp”, it is just north of Berlin and finding a tour is very easy online. Get ready for a very sad experience but still a very important and memorable one.