Dublin, Ireland with a day trip to Cliffs of Moher and Galway

I stayed five nights in Dublin, Ireland it was the first stop of my two month backpacking trip with seven of my best friends and my little brother. So you could say we were stoked  to land in Dublin. We stayed at the most amazing hostel, “Abbey Court Hostel”. I strongly suggest it! Walking distance to everything, and super fun environment! The famous Temple bar and surondaing area (shopping, but mostly restaurant and of course pubs!) was literally a three minute walk from where we stayed. Dublin Castle, The Guinness factory, Trinity College, and other famous museums were all within walking distance as well! The Guinness factory was a bit of a disappointment, however, it is still a must do, if anything it is worth it for the rooftop bar at the end of the tour that over looks all of Dublin. I suggest the Jameson Distillery as well! Dublin was an amazing city but as for “touristy” things you really only need 2 days here, the rest of the time you will probably just be hanging out in pubs! Not much else to do, however, if you are a nightlife person, five nights was super fun for us! Hanging out at the pubs was where we made so many friends! I say you really only need two days in Dublin, however, you need to make it at least 3 or 4 so you can do a day trip.  MUST DO: Day trip to Cliffs of Moher and the City of Galway. It is a long drive and an all day event but a MUST DO. This day was one of our favorites throughout the entire trip. First off we found the tour online super easy there are a ton of them, look for a day trip from Dublin to the “Cliffs of Moher with a stop in Galway” (we paid 56$ per person). We were in a very comfortable bus with about 20-30 other people. The drive was beautiful, the greenest place I had ever been!! Then the Cliffs….unbelievable. Breathtaking. And of course a great location for photos.

The city of Galway was a super cute little town in Ireland. If you are making the drive all the way to the Cliffs it’s a must stop as well! NOTE: Cliffs are super windy and cold! Wear warm clothes. Dublin also rains quiet often even though it may not be cold at all, I wore a long sleeve shirt, lightweight rain jacket and jeans almost every day in Dublin and that worked well.