I only spent one day in Jamaica. I was in Montego Bay. I was on a cruise with two of my best friends and our moms. Jamaica was our first stop, so we were very excited. So excited in fact that we spent most of the day at the Margaritaville drinking and falling off rafts…. not my proudest moment of “traveling”, we were more vacationing. Jamaica is somewhere I defiantly want to go back to and explore better. Though in the short time we were there we met the kindest people, as well as some of the most beautiful people! The moms and us kept noticing how naturally beautiful the local Jamaican people were. If you are looking for a fun afternoon in Jamaica with some culture, the Margaritaville was very fun, get ready to dance with the locals and participate in competitions while eating your lunch. You must also explore all the local shops along the road outside. Jamaica I will be back to explore you better.