Thailand 2016 New Years!

Thailand has been by far one of my most memorable trips. I had been wanting to go to Asia for a while and so I finally just planned a two week trip and planned to go alone because I finally had just enough money to go. I begged and begged my mom to join me but she really did not have much of an interest. I began to research and learned so much about the beautiful (literally so amazing) islands Thailand has to offer, and that’s when I knew:  I can convince my mom that this would be a trip she would enjoy! Six months later we were at San Francisco International Airport heading to Bangkok, Thailand. Mother and daughter trip, such an amazing experience!

Bangkok is exactly what you are picturing, and then five times more crazy, busy and hectic. The streets are packed with cars, motor bikes, and of course the famous “tuk tuks”. We used the tuk tuks to get around everywhere in Thailand. TIP: Make sure you make a price before you get in. You can always negotiate prices! Start low!

Personally, for my mom and I, it was not our favorite stop, however, we were there for New Years 2016, so the city was insane and we both aren’t really “city people” to begin with.  New Years Eve night was extremely fun and we were so trilled to have had the opportunity to experience New Years in a different culture, we felt we were in the time square of Asia for New Years! Probably my best New Years ever.  For us, 2-3 nights in Bangkok was plenty.

After Bangkok we head north to Ching Mai. This is when I started to love Thailand. Chiang Mai was beautiful, and it was nice to be out of the busy city. Visiting the temples and elephant rescue farms were unforgettable experiences! I highly recommend the elephant farm be one of your main activities while in Thailand, these animals are incredible! (Note: if you want to ride elephants make sure it is bare back!! Having a seat or crate on the elephant really hurts the animal!). Along with beautiful mountain top temples and the animals in Chiang Mai there were also super fun and yummy little hole in the wall restaurants and bars everywhere near our hotel and the people were very friendly. Great food and great experience.

After having three nights in the busy city of Bangkok, and 4 nights in the more laid back jungle feel of Chiang Mai, we were very excited to hop on a little plane and head south part of Thailand, Phuket. THIS IS A MUST GO! Right on the water with so many activities, day trips to other smaller islands, restaurants, bars, everything! One bummer is it is definitely becoming extremely touristy, so the main downtown area has almost as many tourist as locals if not more. You are not getting the traditional “Thailand culture” here. HOWEVER, very fun, spend the days by the beach, jet skiing, diving, shopping in the little shops, and remember, everything is very inexpensive!! Nightlife: Bangla Road! Super cool pedestrian only party street. Super touristy but so much fun. (If you are really open and wanting something different.. check out the lady boy shows, I suggest a drink or 2 before).

To be continued. (sorry)