Livingstone, Zambia was home for two weeks to my brother and I when we went in March of 2018.  I say “home” meaningfully, because the people in Zambia, well in my experience the people in Livingstone, Zambia, were the most friendly, gracious, joyful, and kind people I have had the pleasure of interacting with in my travels thus far.

Livingstone, Zambia is an amazing little city in souther Zambia. It is a great location for people wanting to experience a lot of different cultures and experiences that Africa has to offer. What I mean by this is there is some “touristy” things such as Safaris and the famous Victoria falls near by, though you can also experience the culture in Africa here and give back to the community. This was perfect for my brother and I because we wanted that African Safari experience, but also wanted to work in a rural local neighbor hood volunteering. Livingstone gave us, I felt, a great mix of different experiences in Africa.

The first week we stayed at a hostel in downtown Livingstone, Jollyboys Backpackers, 10/10! Must stay, super fun, great staff, great location, and best of all GREAT deals on activities through them. This first week we were being your typical American tourist, we took a helicopter over Victoria Falls, went on a two day safari, had dinner with elephants and signed our lives away to walk with lions (I did extensive research that we went to a foundation that saves animals and does not drug or harm animals). This week was a week of mind blown after mind blown after what am I doing right now, it was crazy! Bucket list after bucket list item checked away. I can not really describe how surreal these activities were so instead I will show you:


After a week of experience the incredible nature and wildlife (and nightlife haha), that Africa had to offer, our second week we went a little north of Livingstone to a more rural village to stay at Dream Livingstone Foundation and volunteer at there local school. We stayed at the voluteer house and our other fellow volunteers and host mom were incredible! We made many great friends that we still talk to today! My project was working in a class room teaching basic math and english skills to 4-6 year olds, my brothers project was right outside my classroom helping build flushable toilets for the school. This week was so incredible in its own way as well. I wish we had had more time to be honest, the children were incredible and they taught me so much and really changed how I view the world. Great experience.


Livingstone, I’ll be back, no doubt in my mind! See you again soon!