The Blue Pearl City


Chefchaouen, Morocco aka The Blue City or The Blue Pearl.

Wow. A city I will never forget. Two hours inland from Tangier nuzzled in the mountains of Morocco is where you will find the beautifully unique Chefchaouen. My family and I came from the east, Fes and after our stay in the Blue City we continued onto Tangier to catch the Ferry back to Spain. This city is a perfect middle point if you are traveling from Fes to Tangier or vice versa.

Chefchaouen is incredibly unique and a must stop for travelers. Stay inside the Medina walls where everything is blue. Once inside the Medina walls the city is very small. You can get around the entire place within a day. My honest suggest is just roam around and get lost. The maze of blue alleyways are breathtaking and something out of a fairly tale with Instagram worth pictures around every corner. Something you must do is walk up to the old Spanish Mosque at sunset. It is absolutely gorgeous to see the sunset falling behind the blue city. A little suggestion, stay about 10-15 minutes after the sunset and you will hear the nightly prayers from all the local Mosques from around the area all at the same time echoing throughout the mountains, it is a very beautiful moment.

I stayed at the most amazing Airbnb right in the heart of the little blue city, perfectly situated just a one minute walk from the main little square in the Medina with all the restaurants. Message me for the link to the Airbnb!

TIP: if you are looking for a bar… good luck. No bars or really any places to drink in this little town because it is majority Muslim. Go to the hotels if you want a drink, “Hotel Parador” has a great view and a bar!



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